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Locator - National Address maps

Is a Digital geographical map system, which offers a locator service using the new postal addressing. It is designed to facilitate the process of identifying postal addresses easily and smoothly, and identify the main sights of the city, such as institutions, business offices, markets, banks, clubs, hospitals, clinics, mosques, and others.

Features and characteristics:

The Saudi Postal Corporation produced the Saudi Locator based on techniques adopted in modern addressing and coding. Where the user can point to his national address showing on the map by the Saudi post website www.locator.com.sa Through the Saudi Locator, he can accurately identify the Saudi post-code. It also gives a range of options that the beneficiary can have through the website, such as showing business features, large sites on the map, and so on; making it useful in detecting and getting to any site within the major cities; and making it easier for institutions, shops and transport and distribution companies to deliver orders to their customers. It also makes it easier for security agencies; such as the civil defense and Red Crescent, to reach the targeted sites.

The e-Saudi locator is considered to be a unique achievement in the history of The Saudi Kingdom; that is for, for the first time in the Kingdom, anyone is able to give its precise address to any party or individual in a technically easy way. Where drawing on a paper or electronically is no longer needed. It is easy to use and is available in both English and Arabic, and through it you can search for the postal address associated with the geographical location in many ways. For example, you can get the postal address by browsing through the online map consisting of digital maps and aerial photographs

The Saudi locator features several advantages including:

  • clarity and simplicity in terms of its use, as it aims to make the process of determining the national address information more easily.
  • You can search for a national address in several ways: either by using a map and zoom in and out, or by searching the buildings number and the name of the neighborhood.
  • The locator can be accessed by the Internet, or through tablets, or mobile phone.
  • The ability to display and hide the landmarks in the map.
  • It helps anyone to take advantage to select a location accurately and easily, thus dealing with the system as the provider of digital maps.
  • The locator contains of several informational layers such as lands numbers, zip code, streets names, and various services such as hotels, banks, hospitals, restaurants and public and governmental services, and so on.
  • It is available for all to benefit from in getting to any location easily within the city; which makes it easier for institutions, shops and transport and distribution companies to deliver orders to their customers.
  • The ability of moving the map and navigating quickly.
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