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National Address - Planning and Development
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Planning and Development

The National Address is a key building block in the infrastructure required for statistical operations within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Having a geocoded database of location data of each physical unit and building in the Kingdom can be enriched to with demographic data as age, sex, educational level, marital status, income level which in hand can be detrimental to the strategic and economic development plans of the regions of the Kingdom.

he information that can be built on top of the National Address allowed various research institutes and establishments to produce more accurate reports and plans. For example, geodemographic data has enabled multiple security agencies both public and private to plan accordingly and enhance the security level of the community. More to the case, the National Address infrastructure contains a highly dynamic database the interacts with the Saudi citizen’s on a daily basis throughout multiple touch points. And hence, enables the production of more dynamic plans and responsive organizations.

This swift response have taken shape in multiple organizations. For example, a few organizations in the health sector have been responsive to patient address information and relocation info to further plan medical supplies and hospital staffing.

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