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The national address provides both commercial and governmental establishment that have logistical operations at their core with more accurate data. Geocoded addresses based on the National Address schema along with GPS and navigation technologies, can provided those organizations with the appropriate tools to enhance their service quality and efficiency. By accurately locating the geographic location of an individual or an organization the credit worthiness of those entities will greatly be enhanced.
The National Address acts as an enabler to multiple Government Agencies within the Kingdom and provides the information logistical infrastructure in order for the Citizen to enjoy services such as the delivery of Passports, National ID cards, Driving Licenses and Car Registration Licenses and Plates. At the eCommerce perspective the National Address has been a primary catalyst for various organizations that deliver to a dispersed consumer base within the Kingdom. Recently, the E-Mall services, which is power by Saudi Post, is utilizing the National Address to ship and fulfill hundereds of orders in its market place platform, both ways, from merchants to consumers. This is a living proof that the National Address plays a significant role in the economic development across the nation’s far cities from it’s capital.
The National Address is a key building block in the infrastructure required for statistical operations within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Having a geocoded database of location data of each physical unit and building in the Kingdom can be enriched to with demographic data as age, sex, educational level, marital status, income level which in hand can be detrimental to the strategic and economic development plans of the regions of the Kingdom. The information that can be built on top of the National Address allowed various research institutes and establishments to produce more accurate reports and plans. For example, geodemographic data has enabled multiple security agencies both public and private to plan accordingly and enhance the security level of the community. More to the case, the National Address infrastructure contains a highly dynamic database the interacts with the Saudi citizen’s on a daily basis throughout multiple touch points. And hence, enables the production of more dynamic plans and responsive organizations. This swift response have taken shape in multiple organizations. For example, a few organizations in the health sector have been responsive to patient address information and relocation info to further plan medical supplies and hospital staffing.
Today the Saudi Civil Identification system coins an individual’s ID with the National Address - this tight coupling of the two data points enriched the legal status of all citizens, residents and their dependents. The mandatory nature of the registration is similarly matched by another mandatory registration concerning the Real Estate and Property registration. Where ownership deeds will be identified by the National Address geocode where this infrastructure will bring by design an easier mechanism to protect and ensure the safe matching of all land and reality parcels to their rightful deed owners.
Postal services: in the presence of the national address it is possible for e-postal services to provide its services to client’s residence or place of the headquarters of their business. Ambulance Services: Using the national address ambulance teams will be able to determine the events and sites accessible by leaps and bounds. Health services: The presence of the national address in the health records of patients can determine the health of your patient’s sites and thus serve them better, also contributes in identifying infectious disease and works to combat them. Fire services: through the national address firefighters will be able to identify risk areas and sites accessible by significant damage to property and lives. Water, electricity, telecommunications, and municipal services: the national address is the best way for service providers and beneficiaries to deliver these services and to ensure the effectiveness and quality provided for them. Educational services: The headlines keep students in school records is an important measure to communicate with them by the school and also for distribution to schools, according to near her.
The presence of the National Address allows the security services to identify critical areas and busiest sites and the occurrence of crimes and crises. Contributes to the national Address in improving traffic flow significantly, through the development of transport and logistics sector witnessed in general, as well as the evolution of the movement of people for specific addresses using navigational systems that using the national address.
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