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National Address - Postal Sectors
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Postal Sectors

The postal sector number is represented by the second digit of the postal code

Each postal region is divided into postal sectors (each region consists of maximum 8 sectors). Sectors are numbered starting from 2 to 9; number (1) is excluded for government and exceptional services usage.

Sectors are divided according to the following basis:

  • The center of the region, which is usually its capital, is assigned the first number of sector numbers.
  • Sectors to the south of the center are assigned even numbers.
  • Sectors to the north of the center are assigned odd numbers.

Upon dividing sectors, the following was taken into consideration:

  • The borders of provinces' domains within any postal region.
  • Terrain and geographical factors, such as: mountains, plains, valleys between provinces.
  • Economic costs resulting from providing postal and logistic services.
  • Population distribution and density inside the sectors.

Sectors within Riyadh Region

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